Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Alone in the crowd

If you don't take beer like me, and you are walking into a bar, alone, you are most likely walking straight to pee and then shamelessly walk out head high. When a major bouncer looks at you like he suspects like you think the bar is a free peeing facility, or you can't afford city council toilet fee of sh. 5........ then you take a lap through the whole bar, looking at every corner to see if your boys are there. Actually you just want to look like you can't find someone. just may be company is beckoning.
Like last Friday but one. I am walking into Tropez. This time my intentions were more than just peeing: To sit down with friends, talk the normal crap, waste a few hours and then leave when they relocate to a more physical bar. Oops, it's 8:30, and i can't find anyone. I call 0.5-this guy can give you value for money. His employer is the luckiest alive. Once in a century, a gift is released in the corporate world, wound in a hard working, strong, willing to learn & energetic young man. This century, bosses, don't bother! He is taken. I am proud of you, 0.5.
By now reality is dawning on me. That the numbers in my phone book are mostly workmates, former workmates, relatives, former married classmates, stalkers ,snobs and nasty b******s. Some of my friends now drink at their local pub. Recession Ha? or being plain mean and backward? I can't tell. it's not helping me at this point. Too much for trying to call anyone. I take a soda, alone on a whole table while everyone else is chanting the song on the box. Man i am confirming that i am a loser. Who are we kidding? honestly i can't survive a minute in a bar alone.
At this juncture, i walk out like one who has just relieved himself of his peeing needs, straight to the mat and straight home. The bouncer who just searched me a minute ago could mistakenly mark me as a pressed moron looking for a free urinal.

People are slowly drifting apart. And bars are simply too strange through every minute on sipping a soda like it's the secret to waiting for a random recognizable intelligent stranger


Blogger Samborera said...

You are not alone.

I wonder if 0.5's employer knows he has the gift of the century.

Friday, September 05, 2008 5:37:00 PM  

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