Saturday, September 06, 2008

control wars

It's a good thing i don't manage people, or karma would take me down.
Interestingly the big man around had a chat the other day on how guys are unprofessional and this and that mistake: things to make me join the official canal of scavengers after any junior he disagrees with.
I have been a developer for long and i can see this frustration: The guy has no bait to hook me or at least make me kiss his ugly a**. So he's trying any way, anyhow. This wasn't the first time. He had tried fear, then praise, then advice. All for what? thought he had learnt. I am still keeping my distance.
But this time i managed to cool his anxiety by appreciating his support (ha haaa, tatataaa!),and how i have come to appreciate his work style and his insight. Come back again, even call my cellphone if anyone tries to interfere with any responsibilities i have given you. bring any suggestions. I hired you because i saw something different on you. bla bla bla!
Well i guess he's waiting for me to knock on the door and swim in his ever treasured tunnel of gossip, blame and vitriol.
Actually i need a favour from this dude. At some point i will have to walk into his office and endure his dishonesty, but i have promised myself that i shall not succumb to his lure to take the low load and spell the weaknesses of anyone he doesn't like.
Then there's the smaller boss. The big man thinks he's a wussy. I kinda agree on some aspects but i do respect him.I went to a meeting with him where everyone else, playing on his weaknesses, descended on him ruthlessly, punching holes on his commitment and expressing frustration at his inability to address mission critical issues.
This time i went to his defense, using fake stats and eventually appealing to everyone to work as a team. The meeting ends well and i promise to send reports to cool their nerves. Now here's the puzzle: The guy calls me and asks me to leave politics to his office. Of course in a soft way.
I can now agree on the wussy thing. The boss is right. Plus, i rescue this guy and this is what i get? Damn! Man cool down. i don't need your job. i hardly deliver anything! Be real, don't be insecure.
This guy has to work with one eye on the job, and the other on any potential threats to his position. I have come to like his soul's addiction to humility and his ability to withstand humiliation.He will be happy one day, after he conquers the terror from above and the virtual threats from below. Who said hope is vain?


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