Friday, July 06, 2007

How the other half lives

I visited one of my former workmates jana. He is different from me and the rest of us because he got married last year and got a baby boy early this year. He interests me because he is the only guy I know well who is married and has a kid. So like I said I went to his house jana and like most of the other guys I visit he has a home. He has carvings, family pictures, wall hangings, an aquarium etc and everything is in rightful place and kind of blends naturally with the next thing.The house even smells nice. All this make his house a home. His wife offers me tea or uji. There is a nice flask on the coffee table, some nice cups and tea spoons everything is set just right. If this is what the guy comes home to everyday he has it made. His wife is really nice, easy on the eye and easy to talk to. He also has a mboch. Yaani he not only has dependants but an employee.

At some point the wife walks into the living room with a little boy and stretches him out to me saying, 'Meet Uncle'. I do not want to take him, actually I do want to hold him but I am scared. I have not held a baby for years. Actually the last time I held a baby was like four years ago. I had arrived late for mass and so had to stand outside when some lady who was standing next to me asks me to hold a baby she had so that she could go fetch her mother who was standing outside some other door. After a minute or so the kid started wailing and when the mother came to rescue the kid I am sure she gave me an accusing look. Back to present day. I took the youngman in my arms and was surprised that he was much heavier than he looked. The wife then headed for the kitchen and my buddy though seated next to me was only interested in watching telly. I sat there holding the kid awkwardly in my arms wondering what to do with him. I cannot make those baby sounds most people do and was too scared to stand up with him. Finally after 2-3 minutes the dad noticed that I was about to start crying and so took the little boy away from. And the lesson for today, is that I am nowhere near ready to have kids.

We had dinner at some point in the evening. And not that quickly rastled up beef stew and ugali. It was a real meal prepared with tender luv and care. Enyewe this guy has it made. Later in the evening the guys mum checked in and immediately ran for her grandson. It was wonderful watching them together. At some point the kid started sucking two of his fingers and she reminded her son that she used to do that. It was really emotional watching her holding her grandson as she teased her son. We are all doing our mothers a great injustice by not giving them grandkids to play with.


Blogger symo said...

damn it, where has this blog been all along?
or where have i been all along?
Excellent work. excellent post!

Friday, July 06, 2007 5:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to believe, but it sounds like ajamaa's paternal instincts are finally kicking in; there was a slight sound of envy in that post:-D

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 5:12:00 PM  

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