Monday, May 30, 2011


When I saw that the pointie was retiring, I was in shock. In disbelief, disturbed, in a panic, and so on and so forth. How could it be. But looking at it again, I myself have been in de facto retirement for a while now. Mostly because there's nothing remotely interesting going on with me, so the only thing left to put up would be a bunch of philosophical stuff. That or the joys of writing java code in notepad. Yeah.

I also figured people had moved on from blogs to those social network thingys. This one chic burst out laughing when I mentioned that I use yahoo mail. Hysterical, live-comedy-show laughter. I didn't know what to do with facebook then, and I still don't now. But I got a bit stirred up the other day though when I realised some people are starting blogs now. Got me thinking that if a guy can start a blog at a ripe old age, the least I can do is do a post or two in my semi-retirement.


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