Monday, May 30, 2011


I happened to be one of the few people who wasn't aware that the world was due to come to an end. Until, after the event. Or non-event. There was an article, the day Microsoft bought Skype, where the writer exclaimed that unless you had been "in a cave, on Mars, with your fingers in your ears humming loudly", you'd have heard that news. I happened not to be in that cave, but have been wondering how to describe the cave I live in, where the end of the world itself would come and go without my knowing.

Even after I saw some news items about the subject, I couldn't figure out why this was news, or otherwise worthy of so much attention. This isn't the first guy to set a date on the end of everything. When I was much younger, there was something about Jesus being in Kawangware. Where was twitter when you needed it. I thought the appropriate reaction for a guy claiming that parapanda italia on such an such a date was a rolling of the eyes, and nothing more. I happen to believe parapanda italia. After all, I sang it regurarly. Parapanda italia, parapanda... I wonder if churches sing such [terrifying] songs these days. Ama bahasha ya ocampo is as close as it gets. Looking around, things don't seem too rosy for the planet and our general existence. Although people will point to times in history when things were really thick. Somehow, I think what's ahead isn't too pleasant. What I'm not brave or foolish enough to do is some fuzzy math to come up with judgement day.


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